Coushatta Recreation Area

Coushatta Recreation Area Coushatta Recreation Area

Located on the banks of the Red River in Louisiana, Coushatta Recreation Area is a beautiful destination for nature enthusiasts. This picturesque spot offers a range of amenities, including a 2 lane boat launch, a boat dock, and a picnic shelter. Visitors can also take advantage of the numerous picnic tables and cooking grills scattered throughout the area. For added convenience, Coushatta Recreation Area boasts a comfort station and 106 parking spaces. Whether you’re looking to fish, take a scenic boat ride, or simply relax and enjoy a meal with family and friends, this stunning location has everything you need for an unforgettable outing.


From the intersection of US Highways 84 and 371 in Coushatta, turn West on Carroll Street. Follow Carroll Street to the intersection of Abney Street. Turn right on Abney Street and follow Abney to entrance of the park.

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